So... As a break from my main game i started doing other concepts.. and needed a break from them so i did another one. Ended up with this thing that I kind of enjoy myself. I was going to submit a more advance build to the clickjam that's going on but I made it HTML5 and wanted to share.

It's a wave based 2d shooter. The world ends with every wave, you kill them, get an upgrade... and the world is dying again! Repeat!

-6 kind of cool upgrades
-Homemade kind of cool 16-bit sfx
-Kind of cool pixel graphics
-Kind of cool mystic background... That the html5 exporter dont want to show, it seems like if i add just one more background object everything breaks. No idea why, I'll fix it somehow in the future.

Probably going to keep updating it with some more enemies and upgrades.

Now, if you are kind of interested you can try it yourself on this link (X to shoot, Z to jump, to start saving the world press X by the pyramid!):

Now go save the world! Kind of...

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