Your dog keeps running away into these weird mysterious caves and you need to swing around with your grapplehook to save it!

Small browser game you can enjoy at work or home.

  • Playable in browser
  • 16 handcrafted levels (more coming)
  • Pixel art
  • Cute pixel dog
  • Challenging gameplay, in the vein of Super Meat Boy you will lose and maybe get frustrated but don't give up!

What a list! Give the game a spin and tell me what you think.

Edit 20170529: THANK YOU EVERYONE! I love the feedback from reddit/agdg/PM's. Based on feedback I've changed the movement to not be as punishing. Mainly the gravity is changed so you don't fall as fast and some of the earlier levels have been tweaked. Keep the feedback coming :)

Edit 20170528: You can now jump with Y button, this is to make it easier for players with German keyboards.

Published May 28, 2017
StatusIn development
AuthorShotgun Anaconda
Tagsbrowser, Dogs, Exploration, html5, Pixel Art, Puzzle-Platformer
Average sessionA few seconds


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Hard, but really rewarding once you make it. Pretty interesting gameplay. Good job!

Thanks for playing man! I'm having a bit of hardtime doing a proper pace, maybe im damaged from playing super meat boy lol

Harder than 'I Wanna Be The Boshy' with cuter graphics, great fun! :D

haha i love that game, thanks for playing, i've tweaked it a bit now so it might be a bit more forgiving.

nice game!

Thanks man :)!