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RLG is a top-down, fast paced, fun, kind of ugly shooter. It's main asset is a random level generator that creates the cave in front of your eyes every time.

At this moment it features these cuhreeeeezi stuff:

-Random Level Generator
-Five different enemies
-A shotgun... and a grenade!
-Two different Power-ups
-One level-up-power-up
-Self-made electronic blipblop music (not 8-bit)
-High score list...

Here's an animated gif of the game in action (gif compression makes everything look great doesn't it...). Honestly screenshots and gif dont make the the game justice since so much is based on the speed of the player actually playing.

Honestly, it's kind of a fun game to knock out a few rounds. If you download it, thank you very much and please leave your feedback so I can see which way to develop it. Right now I'm between going the Shadow Complex permanant upgrade method or the Binding of Isaac instance-upgrade-route.

If you read this far and didn't download, thank you anyway.

Twitter: @armandarkahi

Install instructions

Thank you for downloading. The game should run without needing any extra engine-download or such things.


RLG_itch_20160626.exe 22 MB

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