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Update 20170911: I'm still working on this, I've done some major things. The downloadable alpha in this page is really old so please dont judge it soley off that. New version coming soon and I will probably rename it too


Update 20170506: New version with lots of tweaks and additions

  • Two new levels
  • New shotgun enemy
  • PATHFINDING, enemies will now chase you until death
  • Movement is tweaked once again
  • Slow-mo is changed to be triggered with mouse button instead of auto
  • Proper menu
  • Combo system
  • Gears of War reloading
  • A music track
  • Effects, new tiles, sound effects etc


Update 20170409: Another version uploaded. If the last update was gameplay tweaks this is more on the art part. New Tiles, new hud, new effects and new sound effects.


Update 20170315: Thanks for all the feedback over the weekend. A new build has been uploaded with changed movement to be more responsive, Enemy bullets adjusted and enemy grenades enlarged.


Clean out warehouses of drug making rednecks while balancing between potshotting to build energy and then turning the game into a bullet hell dodging game while slaying evil pixels.

  • Fast paced action
  • Slow motion combo system
  • 3 handmade levels
  • Pitch Shifting sound engine
  • 2 enemies
  • A good time

Sadly didn't have enough time to take good screenshots or make a trailer so it's just animted gifs for now, the disco background is when u enter slowmo if u were wondering.

Enjoy and please leave feedback in the comments!

ps: There's a bug that happens sometimes if you are running double screens where you won't be able to see your mouse cursor, click around until you accidentally click on the level buttons and start them game.

Install instructions

Unzip both files and run.

Bitdefender sometimes gives false positives to Clickteam Fusion 2.5 .exe files, it's 100% safe you can check yourself on https://www.virustotal.com/


House Cleaner (20170506a).zip (7 MB)

Development log

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