Alpha 2.5 out!

New version out for DD19 and everyone else to enjoy. A lot of small changes but here is a list

  • New weapon: Rapid P. Fast paced, short ranged rifle that forces you in close using dashes and slow motion. My new favorite to be honest. 
  • You turn into a baby when in slow-mo.
  • More hints (please use slow motion when playing)
  • TUTORIAL! Woho! Learn how to play the game
  • Added Schrodingers box. This allows you to randomize different values in the game for new challenges (e.g. enemy health, your damage etc.)
  • Enemies slow down properly now
  • Enemies start and stop now when idle
  • New enemy skin(s)
  • Interaction texts for various things (press e to pick stuff up)
  • New upgrades (Shield & Bullet Split)
  • Cleaned up damage numbers and things
  • Changed hit-pause durations
  • Huge improvement in performance by remaking loops in A.I. and animated effects instead of changing things at runtime
  • Reload is R
  • Changed Hud to be horizontal instead of vertical
  • Added stuff to the hub (not in the game yet)
  • Props cleaned up and colored correctly (only explosive barrels are red now). 
  • Corpses now bounce instead of just changing animation
  • Changed how teleportation works, you need a clear Line of sight now to use it.

Some other clean up and bug fixes i can't find in my logs but that's the bulk of it. Enjoy and leave your feedback!

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Mar 02, 2018

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