Upgrades in Baby Redemption

Lets talk about upgrades!

I have 6 finished upgrades in the game right now. All of them are an extension of my old idea of the player finding modifications for their game. But since I scrapped that idea I put them as regular upgrades after clearing a level. 

Two things before we get started 
-These are different from upgrades you will be able to buy, between runs in the hub, which you’ll always start with. The upgrades in this post is random gets reset when you die.
-I’ve tried to make them system based as much as possible, so most things can currently synergize naturally. So one upgrade can’t really change e.g. how the selected gun works that would break the design rule. I think. We’ll see in the future.

Laser Sight

Oh wow such excitement! Not much to say about this… it stretches… Has a benefit for one specific enemy that reacts if your crosshair is over him but I’ll let players find that.

Explosive bullet

Add some boom to your bullets! Bullets now explode on impact which gives you a big damage boost but also carries risk because they can also damage you.


One of the planned robot buddies you can aquire. Adds a drone that fires homing bullets towards alerted enemies. In the gif he’s the lowest level.

Bouncy Bullet

Channel your inner Revolver Ocelot with this upgrade. 

Bullet Hell

The most game changing upgrade. In regular mode nothing changes, but when you toggle slow motion the bullets will freeze until you turn it off, allowing you to turn every gun into a shotgun. Can be great if the enemies haven’t been alerted yet to deliver that big oumf of dps. 

You can also lay traps for enemies to walk into.


It’s a shield! That rotates! Hey, everything can’t be OP.

Synergize Baby
The fun things happen when they mix and mash, some interesting situations are created. Especially if you factor in that the different weapons shoot different types of bullets, e.g. the SMG shoots three bullets at once, combine that with the bouncy bullets and you quickly get rooms of death.

Would love if you guys had any ideas for upgrades you would like to see or feedback on the current ones :).

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