The weapons of Baby Redemption

On this peaceful Sunday I want to talk to you guys about weapons.

As I mentioned above I originally wanted to have only one gun but when i switched that idea I wanted the guns to fill different roles and play styles. They have to be balanced enough to not be OP but also good enough to last you an entire run (since you can't switch weapons until your run is over).

The balance is constantly getting tweaked but currently I have 5 different weapons that all play differently, especially when you start adding upgrades after every wave. 


The base gun. It's the first rifle you get and is medium strong with regular fire rate. The biggest benefit is the large mag size allowing you to deliver damage over a sustained time.


A 3-burst rifle with low base damage but has a much higher crit chance. With 3 bullets each doing independent damage it can quickly stack up if the RNG is on your side. 


(The gif removed the cam-shake)
A one shot rifle that does big initial damage. Also has good crit chance but also has a 50% chance of penetrating the enemy hitting whatever is behind him.

Energy rifle

The most unique gun. Firing off three energy blobs that deal damage but they also split into smaller blobs on hit. Can quickly stack up damage but the charge-up time requires defensive play.


The big daddy. This was made as an accident when I was going to make the sniper, I forgot to lower the mag value but the firerate was lowered. It looked cool so I kept it. It's currently very unbalanced, doing too much damage in a very short time. But hey, it has juice!

More is going to be added but for now it's enough. I spent today doing an excel sheet calculating each guns DPS (I took The Divisions DPS formula which is deep enough but simple enough to understand) which showed some interesting things. It's a hard thing to balance these because if you make everything equal there really isn't any benefit in choosing different weapons. But if there is too big of a spread between the guns you get a Diablo 3 situation where there's only one "correct" way to play if you want to be efficient. 
What do you guys prefer? Should everything be tweaked to be equal or should there be tools that are on the extreme points of the scale?

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