New Build and new name Baby!

Well it's been a while. 

I haven't updated the page since so much needed to be changed. 

First of we have a new name: Baby Redemption. 
The whole story of the game is that you are saving these orphan babies, I have a plan where you'll see them in your hub and be able to send them off to school. They are basically your upgrade points (in the future).

The game is now procedurally generated, it makes it more fun and I also didn't have the tools or resources to make good handcrafted levels. There are bunch of new weapons (total of 6), you now get upgrades after every level (currently 6) and there are bosses! Only one is available in the latest build. I also redrew most things and changed how lightning works. 

I've tried making visibility better but it's something I'll keep working on. 

A bunch of other things have changed, most under the hood. Try it out and tell me what you think of it!

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Jan 06, 2018

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